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What most influences the number of inquiries from potential buyers for you? Is the amount of information, or ergonomics?
Are you satisfied with the number of applications received each week? If not, ask yourself the following questions:
1) Is a typical user is able to send you a request in less than 3 clicks?
2) Does your information is visible on every page?
3) Is it easy to browse through your new and used inventories?
When the time comes to build a website with applications in mind, one should make sure to test and think about all the possible interactions. This is why you will notice that the D2C Media websites are simple and structured to give the opportunity to the buyer to find the desired information as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, there is a good chance that your site is full of information. This has the effect of confusing and frustrating the user who in turn will generate fewer requests. All keep in mind that the information sought should be as easy to find as the “X” in the upper right of your screen.
Optimization reports of a series of decisions and compromises in order to make the best possible experience. The simplicity is required, simply explore the most visited sites every day: Google, Wikipedia, Ebay, YouTube, etc. All these sites have one major thing in common: we find what we seek.
All these buttons, videos and links on your website can hamper the real and only purpose of your website speak to your visitors and thus convince them to buy a vehicle, that’s all. Ergonomics plays an important role in front of thousands of potential buyers seeking information on their next vehicle. D2C Media this directive in the list, so in general our customers see their web applications, multiplied by 2 to 5 times since the launch of their new website.
All this is not the result of an opinion, but more accurate statistics found on dozens of websites designed by D2C Media. Avon We studied the behavior of hundreds of thousands of users in a “heatmap” where we can clearly demonstrate how your potential customers behave on your site. Where do they click? Which pages are most frequently visited? How many pages users have sent a request do they visit? And what are they? Thus we improve our platform every day, letting the figures speak for themselves in order to have the most efficient solution on the market.
In short, simplicity is required when developing a website to enable you to get the highest conversion rate (Applications / Visitors) possible and thus, the more sales opportunities as possible.
Author: Marc-André Lavoie