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Have you made a competitive assessment of your organic positioning recently?
Place yourself in the shoes of your next client, better yet, search your vehicles in inventory and see for yourself. Are you sure that you have all the tools at your disposal allowing you to be there when a skilled research, or is it rather one of your competitors which is among the ten results on the first page of Google? Where are you?
There is a good chance that your current provider you have promised impeccable organic ranking on major search engines. In fact, most dealers do not even appear among the results when a qualified buyer is looking for one of their vehicles in inventory. Worse, some are not even aware of their poor performance.
Did you know that about 9 of 10 buyers conduct their research online before making a purchase? It’s nice to be on TV, radio and in newspapers, but you must ensure you are in the right place at the right time.
Pick your battles
Research of an average user reflects information gathered before the decision. Over time, the need is transformed into one or a few specific vehicles, as shown here:
Example of the first three results on Google click averages
Did you know that the first three results on Google are getting on average 60% of the clicks? It is then fair to say that your presence among the first results is crucial to reach buyers users.
Is it fair to say that a user who searched for “toyota corolla 2014 montreal” is qualified? Of course yes, that’s why keywords campaigns are working. But why not be present among the organic results, ahead of autoaubaine, LesPAC and Kijiji? It’s not impossible.
Indeed, a better return on organically sure to be more accessible and visible than your competition but also save on your cost per click (CPC). Pages with good grades at Google in terms of quality (Google Quality Score) are more easily found in the high pay and above all results, at a cost up to 25% less for the same click. If you are one of the dealers who invest $ 10,000 per month, imagine what 25% savings mean to you after a year.
This is why it is very important to make sure you appear at the top of organic search results when vehicles in your inventory in your city. These users are then more likely to send you information and manifesting their intention to purchase a vehicle in the coming weeks. They will also be more receptive to a first contact from you.
So ask yourself the right questions. If you had to give a rating of 10 on your organic performance, what would it be? Are you guilty of investing without really knowing what works and what is useless? What impact has your current situation does on your demands?
If we could double your internet requests as we do for our customers, what effect on your sales would it?
Author: Marc-André Lavoie