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Use AI to Effortlessly Replace Vehicle Images Background, Add Overlays, Feature Pills and more!


Automatically Replace Your Vehicle Image Backgrounds, Add Overlays & Feature Pills Effortlessly.

D2C Media’s Picture Boost is an AI-based picture enhancement service which revolutionizes how dealers elevate their inventory visuals, offering a seamless and intuitive platform that effortlessly transforms ordinary photos into captivating showcases. 



This cutting-edge tool empowers dealers with a myriad of options, allowing them to effortlessly eliminate or replace any backgrounds, seamlessly integrate overlays, and add attention-grabbing feature pills with unparalleled ease and precision.

Picture Boost brings a new level of creativity and professionalism to the table, providing dealers with the means to truly enhance their listings and make them stand out in a crowded market. Gone are the days of mundane and lackluster inventory photos.

With its intuitive interface and robust feature set, dealers can unleash their creativity and transform their inventory photos into compelling visual narratives that entice and captivate potential buyers.

Before Picture Boost After Picture Boost

Whether it’s removing distractions with background elimination, adding depth with carefully curated overlays, or highlighting key features with eye-catching pills, Picture Boost offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to elevate every aspect of the inventory photo editing process. Say goodbye to cumbersome editing software and hello to a streamlined solution that delivers stunning results with just a few clicks.

Background Templates

Eliminate & Replace Backgrounds in a Single Click!

Picture Boost offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to elevate every aspect of the inventory photo editing process.

Whether it’s a sporty car, a luxurious SUV, or a family sedan, Picture Boost allows dealers to showcase their inventory with proficiency and style, establishing a new benchmark for automotive photo editing quality.

Original Vehicle Image

Original Image

Enhanced Vehicle Image

Enhanced Image

With Picture Boost, dealers can confidently showcase their inventory at its finest, as each photo is meticulously enhanced for maximum visual appeal. It’s simple, fast, and intuitive!


Effortlessly create new inventory images by seamlessly integrating readily available generic images with your customized 3D backdrop, resulting in a truly realistic and personalized display!

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