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Are you an OEM franchise or a used car dealer looking to significantly upgrade your dealer website performance ? Did you know that D2C Media dealer websites outperform on average all websites from other suppliers by 300%? In fact, many dealers are actually seeing a greater than 500% increase in leads within their first 30 days! But beyond D2CMedia’s unequaled performance, transparency is at the core of our DNA. We will remove all duplicate leads, listen to every call from campaigns and integrate with your DMS to show you your true ROI on each campaign based on walk-ins and sales! No other automotive website provider offers this level of transparency.

With a focus on the unique needs of Canadian based auto dealers, D2C Media has the experience and uses the most recent technologies to make your next dealer website a success. With a recently developed and unique platform, we use the newest web technologies to maximize SEO and PageSpeed performance such as headless websites, lead-generation and dealer analytics. An easy to use integrated content manager also allows you to be completely independent whenever you’re ready to update your website content.

Want to modify an image, a price, update news, add a new member to your team, display a new promotion or change a background image? You’ll be able to easily make all of these changes by yourself if you choose to, using D2C Media’s Dealer Manager website console! Prefer to focus on selling cars and leaving the website updates to D2C Media?

Had enough of paying exorbitant prices to your existing website supplier but hardly getting any leads out of it? Are you frequently invoiced “additional” expenses for small modifications that you would like to make to your website? Understand that the D2C Media website solution offers by far the best conversion rates in the industry at the most competitive rates.


“D2C media has become a cornerstone of our marketing strategies. I would happily recommend them”

AJ Hurford Applewood Auto Group

“Our online vehicle leads increased dramatically when we made the switch to D2C. I don’t know what their magic sauce is, but our site is definitely visible and front and center with local car shoppers.”

Kelsey Bilyk Lacombe Ford

“D2C Medias has hosted the Victoria Mitsubishi website for two years. Over this period of time we have experienced improved site performance, user interface and lead quality. Our Account Manager is locally based, familiar with our primary market area and available to us during our actual hours of business. When needed, Head Office and Support team members are attentive and helpful.”

Liz Tribe Carson Group | Victoria Mitsubishi

“I work with various backends daily and having such a user friendly application like D2C really stands out, I can easily finish my dealers requests in half the time it takes me on other backends. It effortlessly supports me in keeping track of the website by providing me more useful tracking tools that my other web providers don’t. I am very lucky to have 3 dealerships with the D2C backend, it sure makes my job much more convenient!”

Anna Sotsky Zanchin Auto Group

“I switched to d2c media just shy of a year ago and I'm so glad that we did. Not only do I get excellent support from the team, the back end is easy to use and the performance is unmatched!”

James Bailey Taylor Ford Moncton

“D2C Media is an amazing digital automotive partner - we couldn't consider any other providers after receiving the level of service and expertise that they provide.”

Devan Mascarin Downtown Volkswagen

"We recently signed up for D2C's CRM and so far it has been easy to use and has been great with organizing our team's daily follow ups and tasks. I like how I don't have to log in to a separate interface - the backend is all connected. I would highly recommend D2C Media."

Courtney Allems Belleville Hyundai

"D2C Media is a lead juggernaut, Taylor and the support team are great to work with and very responsive to our requirements"

Jeff Johnson Brock Ford

“We have switched from our previous provider to D2C just this past year. Communication has been fantastic, along with details and stats showing our wins and opportunities. Traffic to our Website is at an all time high as we are now navigating our inventory to the right demographic monthly with advice from Lisa, and the team based on what trends they are seeing in the market. Support staff have been available anytime we need it without hesitation”

Eric D’Amour Cambrian Ford

“We really appreciate the level of service we get from D2C, including our local rep. The website is clean and easy to navigate and is great at generating quality leads!”

Mark Hinton Turpin KIA

“After going live with D2C we saw an immediate increase in website traffic and leads. Along with Kelowna Ford’s great sales team, these increases have helped us to compete for the #1 dealer in British Columbia. D2C has a great support team. Any requested changes have been accurate and immediate. I highly recommend D2C for a dealer website provider.”

Jeff Burgis Kelowna Ford

“Since we have partnered with D2C years back, after having the company be cited as a preferred partner through Kia Canada, we have FINALLY found the success and support we needed. We have been treated with respect and professionalism throughout our years in business together, and it just keeps getting better. If a question needs answering, it is done so in a timely manner. Any situations that may arise are quickly solved. When Kia Canada completely rebranded earlier this year, D2C took the requirements and implemented them efficiently and effectively, with little input required from us, so our business would not face any repercussions from our manufacturer."

Shelly Hay Winnipeg KIA

“We have developed a great partnership with D2C and they have been nothing short of amazing to deal with. We appreciate the attention to detail that Ryan and Sadie have towards our account and their dedication to our website/marketing has been evident in all aspects. Thanks D2C!”

Madi McLeod Big M Ford

“We at St. Marys Ford took a LONG time to decide to go with D2C. They have provided and continue to provide a second-to-none Customer Experience. In a world of Technology, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere other than D2C!”

Krista Linklater St-Marys Ford

“Our stores have been with many website providers over the years, and D2C has amazing technology that helps move the needle, but your analytical and value-proven approach has earned our continued business.”

Eric Richards, Orangeville Hyundai / Parker Mitsubishi

“I would like to say that you and your team have always been there for us and very promptly attended to our needs/concerns. And working with D2C has been very pleasant, you guys are good partners and have amazing products to offer.”

Yasir Khan Mississauga VW (Zanchin Group)

“We switched to D2C for both our dealership websites and saw an almost immediate 20% increase in leads as well as a noticeable boost in lead quality”

Brandon Potts Country Hills Toyota and South Pointe Toyota