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Do you know the demographics of visitors to your website?
Several platform analyzes data such as Google Analytics allow you to have access to demographic data about visitors to your website. This data helps dealers as you understand that you need to focus your efforts on advertising. Have you ever paid attention to these data, at least informative? Or worse yet, there you access the same?
It must be very careful in order not to take user behavior on your second “showroom”. Where the principal when you greet thousands of visitors each me online vs. hundreds hardly true in your house …
Who are they?
You have more and more tools to help you understand how well and that your visitors and potential customers. Our platform allows you to identify the sex and age of your visitors a quick look. While companies that perform best are precisely see a benefit, some are still questioning the relevance of these statistics.
Be aware that using these statistics, you can compare your vis-à-vis the market performance in each category. This tool is another string to your bow enabling you to understand your market closer to 100% vs. tradionnelle the excuse of “the market is not strong this year.” Yet, alongside hundreds of clients each month, I can assure you that there are some for which all years are good … Coincidence?
Pragmatism, a paid tool.
The numbers speak much more than we think, when we want to listen to good. Therefore D2C Media brings every month several new features to help you well qualify and quantify your potential customers. Here you have the chance to compare your visitors in relation to the average of driving license holders in the same age groups.
Concretely, what impression on your advertising and positioning will you if you find that half of your visitors are aged over 45 if you actively targeting young families? Or why is it that 35% of your traffic is aged under 25 if you are a BMW dealer, then your customers normally an average family income of more than $ 150,000?
Here 2 graphics available in your management interface (admin) D2C Media you should check it regularly!
Chart displaying the average of the visitors on the site
Chart displaying the average of the visitors on the site
Author: Marc-André Lavoie