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Are you an OEM franchise or a used car dealer looking to significantly upgrade your website performance and dealer analytics? Did you know that D2C Media websites outperform on average all websites from other suppliers by 300%? In fact, many dealers are actually seeing a greater than 500% increase in leads within their first 30 days! Ask us how and why!

With a focus on the unique needs of Canadian based auto dealers, D2C Media has the experience and uses the most recent technologies to make your next website a success. With a recently developed and unique platform, we use the newest web technologies to maximize SEO and PageSpeed performance such as headless websites, lead-generation and dealer analytics. An easy to use integrated content manager also allows you to be completely independent whenever you’re ready to update your website content. Want to modify an image, a price, update news, add a new member to your team, display a new promotion or change a background image? You’ll be able to easily make all of these changes by yourself if you choose to, using D2C Media’s Dealer Manager website console! Prefer to focus on selling cars and leaving the website updates to D2C Media? D2C Media offers a plan to manage OEM promotions from as little as $150 per month!

Had enough of paying exorbitant prices to your existing website supplier but hardly getting any leads out of it? Are you frequently invoiced “additional” expenses for small modifications that you would like to make to your website? Understand that the D2C Media website solution offers by far the best conversion rates in the industry at the most competitive rates.

Customer testimonials

Carle Ford

Since launching our new website, I really feel like my site is finally being fully leveraged in the web space ... I can now see in real time the direct return of my investment thanks to the traffic and the concrete leads that it generates, and also because of D2C's fully transparent reports. We were never provided with such transparency from any of our previous SEM suppliers.
– Hugues Carle, Président

Toyota Gatineau

We recently questioned continuing to use D2C Media to manage our online campaigns and decided to try an alternative agency. I must admit that our test was very conclusive ... after only two months of comparing performance, we immediately returned to D2C Media! If you were hesitating to do business with D2C Media to manage your website and your advertising, based on my experience, you can safely trust their team of experts. In our case, we won't make the mistake of trying another agency again.
– Christian Lapointe, Sales and Marketing Manager

Subaru Rive-Nord

We took the risk of paying penalties to end the agreement that bound us to our former website provider. Barely two weeks after the launch of our new D2C Media website, our eLeads were up over 500%! We've been with D2C Media for over 3 years and still have no doubt that they lead the industry in Canada.
– Vincent Déry, General Manager

St-Basile Honda

D2C Media has implemented the perfect solution to help us grow both our new and pre-owned departments. Their platform is easy to manage, and generates a huge number of leads. Above all, we love the quality of the site and their ongoing updates. We are more than satisfied!
– Jean-François Provost, President

St-Jérôme Chevrolet

D2C Media has consistently listened to our requests since the launch of our website over 3 years ago, but what particularly impressed us was the dramatic and rapid increase of leads generated by our website. An increase of over 130% within the first 2 months! 3 years later, we continue to see better and better conversion rates. Keep it up D2C!
– Daniel Jarry, President

St-Jerome Toyota

We thought that we were satisfied with the performance of our previous website until we changed to D2C Media. This is when we realized that D2C Media sites are on a whole other level compared to the competition. Our leads more than doubled and, more importantly, our sales significantly increased also! Our only regret is having waited so long to switch to D2C Media!
– Patrick Baril, Sales Manager

Leclerc Auto

I was very skeptical about the real value of our website in generating leads compared to Trader, Kijiji, CarGurus and others ... But just one month after launching our D2C Media website, I must admit of now being 100% convinced of its value. Leads instantly tripled, walk-ins too, and above all ... we turned over 80% of our inventory in the first 30 days. Never before seen in our case!!
– Samuel Duval, Sales Manager

Precision Acura

I must tell you that our websites are performing extremely well, and I'm particularly satisfied with the Acura Sherbrooke site. We recently compared the volume of our leads and conversion rates with other Acura dealers in our province, and we were by far the best performing for both new and pre-owned leads. Our small dealer, you should know, even beat the performance of the much larger Montreal and Laval sites! Thanks to the whole team at D2C Media!
– Maxime Beaucage, General Manager

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