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Google Premier certified

Ads automatically updated through API

Targeted display ads (Audience, Retargeting, etc…)

Unique in Canada: Track and measure walk-ins and sales!

3x better than industry-avg CPL

Full leads, calls and chat tracking

Detailed monthly report also available in real time

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Is your Google Ads agency still trying to confuse you by providing you with useless monthly reports focused on impressions, clicks, cost-per-click, page views and time spent on your site? In other words, avoiding the REAL and ONLY metrics car dealers actually care about: Cost-Per-Leads, Cost-Per-Walk-ins and Cost-Per-Sale?

Let D2C Media’s combination of advanced technologies and team of certified Google Ads experts take over! We’ll start by cutting your Cost-per-lead by at least a factor of 3! We’ll then give you a level of transparency previously unseen and unheard of in the industry, providing detailed, real-time reports of cost-per-Lead, cost-per-walk-in and cost-per-sale! D2C Media has even developed a unique proprietary technology which will allows you to even track walk-ins and sales based on which ad the customer has clicked on, even if they never sent you a lead or called! Hard to believe? Ask your D2C Media account manager for a presentation and you’ll see why D2C Media is experiencing the fastest growth in the Canadian automotive digital space!

Customer testimonials

Carle Ford

D2C Media gives us the online presence we were looking for. We've never seen such high returns on our digital budget before and, most importantly, we actually have real metrics available to us that are tied to our business objectives... selling cars! Other suppliers seem to be so far behind, they're not even playing catch-up.

- Hugues Carle, President, Carle Ford

Toyota Gatineau

We recently questioned continuing to use D2C Media to manage our online campaigns and decided to try an alternative agency. I must admit that our test was very conclusive ... after only two months of comparing performance, we immediately returned to D2C Media! If you were hesitating to do business with D2C Media to manage your website and your advertising, based on my experience, you can safely trust their team of experts. In our case, we won't make the mistake of trying another agency again.
– Christian Lapointe, Sales and Marketing Manager

St-Jerome Toyota

We thought that we were satisfied with the performance of our previous website until we changed to D2C Media. This is when we realized that D2C Media sites are on a whole other level compared to the competition. Our leads more than doubled and, more importantly, our sales significantly increased also! Our only regret is having waited so long to switch to D2C Media!
– Patrick Baril, Sales Manager

Precision Acura

I must tell you that our websites are performing extremely well, and I'm particularly satisfied with the Acura Sherbrooke site. We recently compared the volume of our leads and conversion rates with other Acura dealers in our province, and we were by far the best performing for both new and pre-owned leads. Our small dealer, you should know, even beat the performance of the much larger Montreal and Laval sites! Thanks to the whole team at D2C Media!
– Maxime Beaucage, General Manager

D2C Media:

The only Google Ads agency that measures cost-per-sale of vehicles:

** Fully automated, real-time campaign performance report. No CRM required!