Quebec’s auto dealers are too often scammed by charlatans web working their basement and promise to propel their website in the top results of Google searches with their be-called expertise in organic SEO ‘ (SEO). There is no ‘certification’ in organic SEO, so how to know if this ‘expert’ is actually a? In addition, organic SEO is rarely an exercise with short-term impact, you must live in hope for months before having to give up too often with thousands of dollars less in my pocket, and no results to justify it.

So … in 2016, is that organic SEO is still relevant and most importantly, is it a good investment for a car dealership?

The answer is … it depends! But it depends on what?

  1. Is the platform of your current website provider is already structured to organic SEO (SEO) without exaggerated?
    • Does your site is secure (HTTPS)
    • Does your website provider provided without charge a series of links (backlinks) relevant and legitimate that will not put your site’s reputation at stake?
    • Does your photos are optimized with geolocation data to be properly indexed by Google?
    • Does your detailed pages take advantage of Youtube videos of your manufacturing both for the user and for SEO (SEO)?
    • Do you have relevant content, interesting and exclusive in your detailed pages of new vehicles?
    • Does your site is performing in terms of download speed for the visitors to have an enjoyable visit to your site?
    • Does your current site is well optimized at the internal link structure between the various relevant pages with similar topics?
  2. You optimize your presence in social media?
  3. Do you have a diversity of incoming links to your website?

So to some dealers , their current platform (as D2C Media), allows them to answer yes to most of the questions above, what makes paying a expert in organic SEO ‘, typically bring very few see any additional tangible results to their current situation which is already optimal. ‘ For those whose website platform is not at all or very little pre-optimized for SEO as Trader DealerCity, Cobalt, Search Optics, etc … then yes, there is room to invest to better optimize its Web site in search engines. But made one, given the organic SEO costs typically graze the $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per month, you would be able to challenge your current choice website platform … Is what you should rather switch platform instead of paying a long-term consultant to optimize a platform that in addition, do not perform in terms of converting internet application.

All that said, do not lose especially eye there is a very high risk to trust organic SEO to specialized SEO consultants, although they say they specialize in the automotive field. Know that 10,000 Google engineers are working hard to keep improving their algorithm to precisely counteract the ‘SEO’. The best is always to just make sure to do what is good for your visitors, with interesting and exclusive content, and Google will reward you by often propel you free the top of its search results. Also, what is to generate more traffic to a site that somehow converted very few visits to web applications? Would it be more profitable to change your website to a platform that would triple your conversion rate with the existing natural traffic, which would give you a return on your instant investment, instead of having to hope very unlikely results in 6-12 month?

Ask yourself the question, Google has clearly announced in 2014 a strong preference for secure pages (HTTPS) to non-secure pages (HTTP), again for the user. Does your current website provider, or expert in organic SEO has advised you to migrate all pages of your website in secure mode (HTTPS) when Google officially recommended? Ask … is often respond!