I am a regular interactive advertising campaigns because I was involved in campaign management for hundreds of clients for nearly 10 years. I remember our early days in the industry which can give a report of ‘Clicks’ to our customers was the final performance report and that they measured the impact of their advertising investissment as 2 or 3 ‘key factors’: number of click, click rate and cost per click.

These performance measures were already a step forward versus traditional media (radio, newspapers, TV) who suffered from not being able to do the same.

Fast forward 10 years later in 2014 and what is the incredible conclusion of the auto industry in Quebec? About 90% of dealers who have the foresight to invest in interactive campaigns are always provide reports of ‘performance’ of their campaign which still indicates that clicks as a measure of peformance, not the ‘Leads’ (requests by phone and email).

The technologies now allow us to easily measure the emails and phones generated from any Web advertising (banners or keywords – SEM). The website solution for dealers D2C Media is still the only one to offer this kind of detailed report, which ultimately enables dealers to whether a Web campaign generates more leads than another, without having to redirect campaigns on ‘ landing pages’ which are poorly integrated with their website and do not serve the needs of visitors but only those of the dealer.

We’ll talk about in another post why the ‘Landing Pages’ does not really perform in the automotive field (despite what you think!), And why dealers should avoid most of the time.

Gentlemen – Ladies dealers, so demand your website provider that uses the latest technology and gives you access to real-time to a ratio of ‘cost per lead “or” cost per application “if they manage your web campaigns … we are in 2014. Stop buying ‘clicks’ or ‘visitors’, buy rather ‘Leads’ (ie: requests) !!! Most importantly, do not forget to call in your performance reports. Several experts still fail performance reports while calls probably the best quality possible!