The following video of Gino Coutu, President and CEO of D2C Media, convince you that it is possible to TRIPLE the performance of your Adwords campaigns, without any change to your existing web site, or even your budget! You will be convinced even if your manufacturer offers a COOP program!

You learn:

  • The latest trends on Adwords campaigns
  • How to measure your ‘performance’ on Adwords
  • Campaigns targeting the new, the opportunity and the funding does not perform all also on Adwords
  • What to ask from its provider
  • How to handle calls’ Adwords campaigns
  • What is a ‘Landing Page’ performance should include
  • Your current vendor (DealerCity, Evolio, SM360 Trader Magnetis, etc …) is it really 100% transparent?
  • How to know if you have sold cars through your Adwords campaigns?
  • And of course … TRIPLE exactly how the performance of your Adwords campaign!