You have established a Web strategy for 2016, possibly a 20% budget increase if you are in the market average, but have you reconsidered the impact that your current Web technologies provider may have? Too many dealers assume that a website is a necessary expense and without real return on investment. Here are some points to consider to properly invest your web budget in 2016:

1) Does your website you converted it to at least 5%?
Most web platforms available in Quebec as Evolio, Trader, Cobalt,, DMT etc … convert less than 2%. In other words, if you have 2,000 unique visitors monthly on your website, you probably receive less than 40 web requests per month. It’s not much. Too few. Do you realize that if you had a website that performs at 5% conversion, you could keep the same advertising budget in 2016 than in 2015 but more than double your internet applications? Imagine you have a web advertising budget $ 3,000 in 2015, and invest $ 500 more per month for a website that would double your internet applications? The ROI of your website would be 600%. Meanwhile, you may believe that a budget increase of 20% on your Web advertising is important!

2) Restart your potential customers at least 6 months?
Too many dealers take a web application must be followed in about 2 weeks. Did you know that less than 20% of visitors to a detailed page of new or used vehicles on dealer site will buy a vehicle within the next 30 days? And less than 60% will buy in the next 6 months? Dealers who are leaders in their respective brands are following up with potential customers at least 6 months. Some web platforms like D2C Media allow even automate this process for those who are unable manually. A customer D2C Media has sold more than 15 vehicles in 2015 only with automatic monitoring. Imagine the return on this investment. Especially since the automatic restart is free with the website platform for dealers D2C Media!

3) Do you receive alerts back on the market?
Did you know it was possible to receive alerts when your potential customers are back on the market? Imagine receiving an email within 5 minutes of the return of one of your customers on one of 200 dealers and car dealers of sites D2C Media network, including the auto and The Guide who join in the set more than 1 million unique visitors per month? Timing is very important when it comes time to try to reach a customer. These alerts make the difference between sending reminders in a vacuum, and perfectly target the right time.

4) Remember your customer in less than 60-seconds?
In recent months, new technology allows you to call your customers who have a web application in less than 60 seconds after the submission from your website or any other source. Did you know that you double your chances of joining the client if you call within 60 seconds vs. just 10 minutes after receiving the request? Imagine receiving a call on your cell in less than 5 seconds for each of your Web applications, and you hear a voice message like: ‘You have received a request from Robert Tremblay internet for a Ford Focus 2015. Press 1 to enter in communication with the client, press 3 for a call back in 15 minutes … ‘. Imagine being able to call an unlimited number of representatives and concurrently the first who made the 1 ‘wins the appeal? Do you think this can influence your conversion rate on sale? Yes of course! Check with your D2C Media representative about the new Talk2Leads solution, fully integrated with the automotive CRM D2C Media.

5) Do you use a CRM?
The first question you need to answer honestly is: Are you a personalized with your prospects at least 3 to 6 months?
If the answer (honest!) Is not, surely you’re not equipped to do so in a structured and organized manner. CRM is absolutely necessary in 2015 (and soon in 2016!) For a dealer can perform to its full potential. Imagine you already have hundreds or thousands of potential car buyers contacts that cost you a fortune to build, and ignore completely by lack of organization? Are you sure you have enough time? Let’s be honest, how many representatives are busy 100% of their time in the showroom? If you could equip them with a simple to use and effective tools that guaranteed the close monitoring of all potential customers either through the Web, on the phone or walk-in ‘, do not you think you might positively impact your results in 2016?

Measure yourself correctly your investment in web advertising?
Does your Web marketing consultant speak of ‘cost per click’ and ‘average time spent on your website’ or even ‘Pages per visitor’ as being important metric for measuring the effectiveness and impact of your web dealers advertisements? If so, you are in trouble! In 2015, the only real measures of effectiveness of a web campaign are: Cost Per Lead (internet requests or calls) and cost per sale. D2C Media is the only provider certified Google currently able to effectively measure a true return on investment on your web campaigns. D2C Media offers a PDF report of 8 pages automatically sent each month, which includes a cost per lead and cost per sale, and for more than 2 years. You think you save 5% or even 10% of management fees with your provider? Do spend its advertising dollars to the blind is a miserly economy? Ask the question is to answer it!

In summary, in 2016, make sure to have the right technology partner to support you in implementing your Web strategy. Take your current suppliers for granted can cost you. Contact your D2C Media representative today for a presentation of the latest web technologies in the automotive field, and understand why we are the automotive Web solution having had the strongest growth in Quebec in 2014 and 2015. You need to do this exercise with the top 2 or 3 Web providers in Quebec annually. If it is only to confirm that you have the best partner!